Your Job:

As a volunteer in the programme office in Lübeck, you support the implementation and planning of numerous international meetings and exchange activities and contribute to making the Solidarity Action Day known in other European countries.

You will be involved in the planning and execution of the network meetings of the SAME-organizations and other events. You will have the opportunity to contribute your experience and creativity to the planning of various workshops, seminars and meeting formats.

While working with many international partners and also supporting the SAME network, you will regularly exchange ideas with young people from different European countries (in English) and take on tasks in the SAME network. Wishing for many young people to find out about the workings of SAME, you are taking an active role in the dissemination of the Solidarity Action Day, e.g. inform and inspire young organizations about our work in a public-effective way.

In addition, there is the opportunity to work with young people from Lübeck, for example, to plan and implement local projects.

Your tasks will primarily focus on supporting the work of SAME. However, as you are going to be a formal part of Schüler Helfen Leben (SHL; organizer of the voluntary service), you will also have the opportunity to gain insight into the work of SHL’s offices in Berlin and Neumünster and to visit other partner organizations abroad.

The tasks (among other things):

  • Support in planning, implementation and evaluation of Start-Up and Follow-Up seminars with Solidarity Action Day initiatives and organizations.
  • Support in planning, implementation and evaluation of international encounters and academies
  • PR work
  • Support of local youth in project development and implementation
  • Involvement in the realization of several other SHL activities in Germany (promotion of Solidarity Action Day, workshops with SHL activists)
  • Networking: Contact to European youth organizations and to local partners of the program

Two volunteering positions:

There are two volunteering positions in our team. Whereas one of the volunteers focusses a bit more on publicity work and on spreading the Solidarity Action Day across Europe, the other volunteer mainly organises international youth events and academies and works with the SAME network. However, both volunteers usually work closely together on many of their tasks.

You should have:

We are looking for volunteers who bring the following competencies:

  • Ability to work in a team and willingness to compromise
  • Self-confidence and responsibility
  • Empathy and tolerance
  • Interest in working with youth
  • Basic technical skills (Computers, …)

For the successful participation in the voluntary service, the applicant should have experience in voluntary work, youth participation or engagement (e.g. student councils, youth organizations), such as experiences in planning and conduction of workshops/seminars as well as the confident interaction with youth groups.
We especially consider the voluntary services as an opportunity for individual and personal development.

Even though the single job descriptions cover a wide range of activities, experience is not needed in all of them. The individual activities will also be redistributed within the team according to personal interests and skills.

Directly before the voluntary service, your place of residence must be outside of Germany and you mustn’t hold the German citizenship. However, exceptions might be possible.

The applicant should be between about 18 and 23 years old and have a very good command of English language, knowledge of German is considered beneficial but is no requirement. SHL will financially and organizationally care for a perspective of gaining further language skills in German before and during the voluntary service.

Necessary administrative measures for the granting process of a residence permit will be accompanied by SHL. All expenses will be covered.