Schüler Helfen Leben (SHL) is the largest youth led charity organisation in Germany, which is known for organising the annual Solidarity Action Day. On this day each year, tens of thousands of students swap their school desk for their dream working place and from that, they donate their earnings for their peers. Through Schüler Helfen Leben they are part of supporting youth and educational projects in Southeast Europe and in the context of the conflict in Syria, with the goal to increase participating chances of young people and to advocate for their rights. Since the war broke out in Ukraine, we also started supporting projects in its context. In addition to that, we are focused on informing schools in Germany about the situation in Southeast Europe, Syria, Jordan and Ukraine thus by motivating students to be part in support of the projects in these locations. This gives students the opportunity to be part of improvement for social topics like education, integration and equal opportunities.

SHL offers voluntary service to young and motivated people that want to be part of change. During the one-year commitment the volunteers support us in fulfilling our various activities and help us achieve our goals. Through the voluntary service SHL supports volunteer’s personal learning, experience, exchange and networking.

This opportunity isn’t limited by borders: in 2014 we expanded our program. Since then, young people from Southeastern Europe support the work of SHL in Germany, as part of the team in Neumünster as Income volunteers. Every year up to 3 of them are integral part of our team and manage our work in Germany – together with our team in Berlin.

In summer 2018, SHL opened a new office in Lübeck. On behalf of our European umbrella organisation SAME (Solidarity Action Day Movement in Europe) we carry out a program that aim to spread the idea of Solidarity Action Day and to enable exchange between youth from various European countries. Within this program, the organization of our work is supported by 2 Income Volunteers.

On the following pages you can get informed about both opportunities!