On June 10th is the Solidarity Action Day

On June 10th is the Solidarity Action Day

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Start der Spendenkampagne

Start der Spendenkampagne

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We are Schüler Helfen Leben!

We are Schüler Helfen Leben (SHL), an organization of young people for young people. It promotes and runs youth and educational projects in Southeastern Europe, Jordan and Germany with a focus on anti-discrimination, youth engagement and support for refugees. Once a year, we organize the Solidarity Action Day throughout Germany, where students swap their school desk for a job for one day and donate their wages to their peers.

Join us and get involved in the Solidarity Action Day!

Solidarity Action Day 168 schools are taking part! Register your school now / order material!

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Our Projects

Schüler Helfen Leben supports projects for children and young people. We motivate young people in post-war societies to work for democracy and peaceful coexistence.

Schüler Helfen Leben currently supports partner organizations in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Jordan, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia and Serbia in the areas of “Solidarity Together”, “Youth Engaged” and “Active for Peace”.

  • SHL House

    SHL House

    The SHL House offers overnight accommodation for groups of young people. Educational offers for young people can be implemented, both for groups from Bosnia and Herzegovina and for groups from Germany and all Europe.

  • Bring about Change

    Bring about Change

    Educational opportunities and efforts to improve state support for children and youth belonging to the Roma minority.

  • Gypsy Roma Urban Balkan Beats

    Gypsy Roma Urban Balkan Beats

    This project creates educational opportunities as well as musical and artistic activities for children and young people of the Roma-minority who experience severe discrimination and live socially disadvantaged lives.

  • Day center “Koraci Nade”

    Day center “Koraci Nade”

    In the day center, approx. 180 children and young people with disabilities are supported in their development through educational, psychological and artistic programs.

  • Schüler Helfen Leben (SHL) Kosova

    Schüler Helfen Leben (SHL) Kosova

    A wide range of activities for young people in the areas of multiculturalism, leisure activities, professional qualification and youth activism.

  • Pupil representation ASuBiH

    Pupil representation ASuBiH

    The Bosnia-wide student representation "ASuBiH" represents the interests of students in public and politics and informs about the rights of young people.

  • Youth education program

    Youth education program

    By offering seminars, young people in Sarajevo and the surrounding rural areas are given the opportunity to stand up for their own rights and goals, and thus in a long-term perspective become strong advocates for an open, democratic and peaceful society.

  • Youth center CK13

    Youth center CK13

    A group of young people initiated this independent and non-profit youth cultural center against right-wing extremism.

  • Youth media organization ONAuBiH

    Youth media organization ONAuBiH

    ONAuBiH is a nationwide association of young media professionals. It offers young people the opportunity to report on their concerns without censorship and to exchange information among themselves.

  • Students representation (UNSCG)

    Students representation (UNSCG)

    The project supports students to actively participate in shaping society.

  • Kosova Youth Council/Kosova Student Council (KYC)

    Kosova Youth Council/Kosova Student Council (KYC)

    The youth organization Kosova Youth Council helps the nationwide student representation Kosovar Student Council to give young people in Kosovo a voice.

  • Make changes yourself!

    Make changes yourself!

    By organising the Social Day in Albania, AS@N gives young people the opportunity to draw attention to their issues and become active themselves.

  • Youth Can – Youth Activism Northern Macedonia

    Youth Can – Youth Activism Northern Macedonia

    Youth Can gives young people the opportunity to translate their concerns directly into actions.

  • Young Leaders Academy

    Young Leaders Academy

    In the annual program of the "Young Leaders Academy", particularly committed young people in Bosnia and Herzegovina have the opportunity to deepen their professional and social skills.

  • Don’t wait, get active! – Perspectives for young people

    Don’t wait, get active! – Perspectives for young people

    With the project "Biram da se aktiviram" ( in English: "Don't wait, get active!"), young people in and around the small Serbian town of Ćićevac are empowered with the support of informal education, mentoring, independently implemented projects and improved youth participation.

  • Girls take the Mic

    Girls take the Mic

    In the project "Girls take the Mic", girls and young women from rural regions of Serbia take part in a series of workshops that give them the skills and self-confidence to actively participate in society and make their voices heard.

  • Youth Solidarity in Amman/Jordan

    Youth Solidarity in Amman/Jordan

    This project aims to give children and young people, regardless of their origin, the opportunity to feel safe and secure in two youth centers. A basis for peaceful coexistence is created for them.