The members of Schüler Helfen Leben adopted the vision and mission of the organization at their general meeting in spring 2014. They are the foundation of our work.

Our Vision

Children and young people take responsibility for themselves and others in society and work in solidarity for peace, equal opportunities and democracy.

Our Mission

Schüler Helfen Leben strengthens young people as experts in their own field. We as young people shape, decide and take responsibility in solidarity. Our activities overcome borders and boundaries. Education is the main focus of our programs. Action formats such as our Solidarity Action Day mobilize pupils and secure our financial basis. This is how we support projects in their local commitment and develop future-oriented, long-term partnerships.

We involve people of different ages to social and political issues in the context of our work. Commitment and volunteer services with Schüler Helfen Leben enable intensive learning experiences, personal exchange and networking. Through partnerships with civil society, politics, business, media and especially schools, we create an environment that welcomes youth involvement. We are a learning and continuously developing organization.

Our Values

  • Participation
  • Dynamic
  • Transparent
  • Responsible
  • Community-oriented
  • Solidarity

Our mission statement

Independent and non-partisan. We are an independent organization of young people from different political and ideological backgrounds. Our work is characterized by non-partisanship and independence of any religious communities.

Financially sustainable, transparent, with local partners. In our work we are committed to a sustainable and transparent use of funds. Our cooperation with local project partners takes place at eye level.

Equal rights for all. Our work is guided by the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. We demand that human rights and children’s rights be observed without exception. The fundamental rights of a human being must not fall victim to special political rules.

For a society without discrimination. We oppose all forms of discrimination – based on origin, appearance, gender, religion and belief, sexual identity, age, disability and/or other characteristics. We advocate a diversity of lifestyles – the protection of minorities is particularly important to us in this context.

No place for nationalism and racism. We clearly oppose all forms of fascism, nationalism and religious fanaticism, as well as all expressions of nationalist, racist, sexist and/or homophobic views.

Protection of refugees. We stand up for the particularly vulnerable group of refugees and defend the fundamental right to asylum. We demand compliance with the Geneva Convention on Refugees.

Social inclusion. We are committed to a society in which every person living in it can participate in social processes and in which diversity is seen as an opportunity.

Combating poverty. Poverty has many faces and far-reaching personal and social consequences. Combating poverty and creating prospects for a self-determined life are therefore among our central goals.

Active for peace. We reject all forms of violence, armed conflicts and the production and export of weapons, armaments and “dual use” products.

Unlimited solidarity. We stand for a Europe open to the world, whose spirit is shaped by solidarity, exchange and social participation, especially among young people.