Since summer 2018 SHL is realizing a multiyear program on behalf of its European umbrella organisation SAME. The new programme in Lübeck connects young people from all over Europe through the concept of the Solidarity Action Day giving them the opportunity to experience and shape a living Europe. The programme aims to spread the Solidarity Action Day in additional countries across Europe and to expand the impact of the Solidarity Action Day through international exchange and encounters.  You can become a part of making the idea of the Action Day known all over Europe!

SAME, ‘Solidarity Action Day Movement in Europe’, is a European network that brings together several youth organizations carrying out an annual Solidarity Action Day. During this day, pupils get the chance to exercise a job of their choice instead of going to school. Their salaries are used to support youth-related projects all over the world.

More information about SAME:

Schüler Helfen Leben is carrying out this programme on behalf of SAME. Therefore, the position is formally registered with Schüler Helfen Leben, the work nonetheless focusses on SAME.

On the following pages you can inform about the offered voluntary jobs and find all necessary information about the service and the application procedure.