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Find out what you have achieved through your engagement and already supported on the Solidarity Action Day. Get to know our call for donations.

As young people, we not only form the society of tomorrow, but with our commitment we also shape today’s society! With the Solidarity Action Day, we overcome borders and support our peers who cannot act democratically to the same extent as we can, here in Germany. In this way, we are showing solidarity, and are campaigning against racism and for an open society. Become a part of this movement of tens of thousands of young people in Germany and Europe: On Solidarity Action Day, we swap our school desks for a job and donate our wages.

In this way, the Solidarity Action Day not only supports the activism of students in Germany. Schüler Helfen Leben uses the proceeds to support projects that enable youth involvement there, where it’s sometimes difficult for students to be active. We show just how much of a difference youth engagement can make!

Schüler Helfen Leben has organized the Solidarity Action Day since 1998- and with great success. Hundreds of thousands of schoolchildren over the years have donated together over 30 Million Euros. The proceeds enabled Schüler Helfen Leben to support numerous projects in fields such as youth and educational work. Our many volunteers and activists on site ensure the sustainability of the partner projects.

Our call for donations

Schüler Helfen Leben calls you to participate in the Solidarity Action Day 2021. With the money raised, we are committing to support Youth Involvement and expand the educational opportunities of children and young people in Southeast Europe, Jordan and Germany.