Here you can find all short information about Schüler Helfen Leben and the Solidarity Action Day. If you have any further questions, please contact Judith Borowski.

Schüler Helfen Leben

Schüler Helfen Leben (SHL) is the largest youth led aid organisation in Germany. It promotes and runs youth and educational projects in Southeastern Europe, Jordan and Germany, focusing on anti-discrimination, youth involvement and support for refugees. Once a year, Schüler Helfen Leben organizes the Solidarity Action Day throughout Germany, where more than 60,000 pupils nationwide exchange school for work for one day and donate their wages to their peers.

Our Motto
Help for self-help is the motto of all our projects. Our goal is that the projects become financially independent from Schüler Helfen Leben in the long term. We achieve this by instructing and supporting them in the independent acquisition of funds after a development and familiarization phase.

The student organisation has existed since 1992. Initially focused on immediate humanitarian aid, the idea found more and more support in the population. As a result, the association “Schüler Helfen Leben” was founded in 1994, which is primarily committed to sustainable support.

The Solidarity Action Day
The Social Day has been organized by Schüler Helfen Leben since 1998 and is the largest student campaign of its kind in Germany. At first the Social Day took place every two years, but since 2006 we have been organizing it annually and nationwide.

The concept of the Solidarity Action Day
On this day, pupils get the chance to work in a job of their choice instead of going to school. Whether mowing the neighbor’s lawn or being a TV anchor for a day: There are no limits. Younger pupils take part in group activities such as sponsored runs or flea markets on Solidarity Action Day. The salaries and earnings go to our projects for children and youngsters in Southeastern Europe and Jordan.

The projects
Schüler Helfen Leben supports numerous projects in Southeastern Europe and in Jordan! Click here to see what the respective projects are about.

Our achievements
With 30 Million Euros donated over the years in total, we were able to implement numerous projects in fields such as youth and educational work. For our work we received numerous awards, such as the Bundesverdienstmedaille, „Ort der Ideen im Land der Ideen“, and the European Citizen Award in 2011. In 2008 we won the Hans Rosenthal Prize.

A sample press release of the Solidarity Action Day

Your school is participating in the Solidarity Action Day this year and you want to inform your local press about it? Then you can find a sample press release here. Simply complete the relevant data and send it off!




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