There is war in Europe again. This leaves us at Schüler Helfen Leben shocked- just like students, teachers and schools all over the country. We don’t want to stand by: At Schüler Helfen Leben, young people join forces to provide fast emergency aid and medium-term support for the people from Ukraine. This also applies to Social Day 2022, the school campaign for long-term support for children and young people. Every year for decades, more than 60,000 pupils have been helping their peers in difficult situations. This includes, in particular, victims of armed conflicts. This was the case in the 1990s during the wars in former Yugoslavia, as well as in the last ten years in the context of the Syrian conflict. And it is also true now.

In the border areas with Ukraine, as well as in western Ukraine itself, we have launched emergency aid projects for arriving and transiting refugees and internally displaced persons and will continue to expand them flexibly in the coming weeks, depending on need. Lublin (Poland) is the first major city after crossing the border. There, our partner’s volunteers provide care for children, psychological support and bring food and medicine to the border crossings. In the Republic of Moldova, our partners have started to set up medium-term shelters for refugee families in several villages. Children in particular should not have to live permanently in emergency shelters. In Chernivtsi, south-west Ukraine, donations are being used to provide food, hygiene articles and medicines for refugees. In Kielce, Poland, the current focus is on the distribution of food and clothing as well as psychological counselling and care for children.

In addition to the local emergency aid in Ukraine and the border areas, we also want to support young people in their commitment to refugees here in Germany. For this purpose, we are providing the SHL Action Fund in the amount of 10,000€! With this, we want to financially support young commitment, for example in neighbourhood assistance for refugees or the organisation of fundraising events.

Within the framework of our Ukraine emergency aid, we remain flexible together with our local partners in order to be able to react to constantly changing needs. For the Social Day, we will also be looking at medium-term support needs in the coming weeks and – depending on the success of the Social Day donations – also launching longer-term projects.

All the organisations we work with are independent of governments and authorities and are based on voluntary commitment. Our approach is to work directly with small local organisations and volunteers. In this way, we ensure that the support arrives particularly quickly and has its full effect. They are also committed to helping all refugees from Ukraine, regardless of their nationality and origin.