The project “Together under one roof” aims to counteract the ethnic division of society, especially in schools in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Through workshops and other activities at schools and through cooperation with the Ministry of Education, different target groups are involved and all actors are sensitized to diversity.

  • Ort, Land:
    Kanton Zentralbosnien, Bosnien und Herzegowina
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  • Laufzeit:
    01.12.2011 - 31.12.2020

Since the end of the war (1992-1995) there have been numerous so-called “two schools under one roof” in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In these schools, students are taught separately according to their ethnicity – mostly Croatian and Bosniak. Curricula also differ in content: especially in history, this leads to different perspectives on historical events such as the war. Although the students did not experience the war themselves, they are affected by the consequences and conflicts that continue to this day and often have strong prejudices against peers of other ethnic groups. Since the entire political system in the country is based on ethnic division, a dissolution of these schools by politics alone is not to be expected.

Approaches for action

Through learning opportunities such as seminars, workshops or joint teaching, many of these schools ensure that students, teachers and parents get to know the other population group, exchange information and work together.

At 16 of the “Two schools under one roof”, workshops for teachers on various topics are regularly offered. Participation is voluntary. The contents of the workshops include peaceful conflict resolution, communication and teamwork. The students should be sensitized to these topics in class. In addition, workshops are also offered especially for schoolchildren and interactive puppet theater performances are used to playfully draw attention to the problems of ethnic division. In addition, Genesis regularly produces short children’s films that have similar themes to the puppet theater programs. These films are shown in schools and even broadcast on local television.

What is special

The Genesis organization has had good experience with this approach for years. The students* thus recognize the value of a diverse and tolerant society and develop respect for all people regardless of their skin color, religion or national/ethnic affiliation.

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