The youth media organization “ONAuBiH” is a network of young media workers. The publication of the youth magazine “Karike”, journalism courses, networking of young journalists* and the organization of talk shows are the pillars of its work and the basis for young, critical journalism throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina.

  • Ort, Land:
    Sarajevo, Bosnien und Herzegowina
  • Partnerorganisation:
  • Laufzeit:
    01.04.2008 - 31.12.2020


The media landscape in Bosnia and Herzegovina is characterized by nationalist attitudes. There are few politically independent newspapers, television and radio stations. Young people hardly find a hearing for their perspectives and needs.


“ONAuBiH” offers young people the opportunity to report on their concerns without censorship and to exchange information among themselves. The young journalists* can gain first experiences in publishing articles, photos and other contributions.

The youth magazine “Karike” is the biggest project so far. Without having to follow a certain political direction, the young people can write about their concerns on the one hand and inform themselves about various topics on the other. In addition, the talk show “Push Pauza” takes place regularly, where young people discuss current issues. The networking of members is an important part of the work of “ONAuBiH”. Through cooperations of young media creators, new projects are brought to life, which have an effect via social media, but also in action weeks and analogously.

What is special

The work of the organization contributes significantly to the growth of a new generation of journalists who want to report independently and critically. The abilities to become medially creative, with videos, articles and in actions, in addition, beyond that young Aktivist*innen from other ranges are obtained – who wants to move something, must be able to move finally only times others!

Further information you can find on the website of the project.

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Auch ONAuBiH muss aufgrund der Richtlinien zur Eindämmung von Covid-19 neue Wege gehen. Wir haben die Organisation darum gebeten, uns zu erzählen wie sie mit der aktuellen Situation umgehen.

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