The youth center “CK13” is an independent and non-profit youth center in which young people get involved against nationalism, right-wing extremism and for democracy. It offers political and cultural events for all young people.

  • Ort, Land:
    Novi Sad, Serbien
  • Partnerorganisation:
    Omladinski Centar CK13
  • Laufzeit:
    01.10.2006 - 31.12.2020


The political landscape in Serbia is strongly dominated by nationalism and conservatism. Especially outside the capital there is little room for alternative culture.


A group of young people initiated the independent and non-profit youth cultural center against right-wing extremism. CK stands for “crna kuća”, which in English means “black house”; 13 is the house number. In the beginning, “CK13” was primarily a platform for various initiatives, but today it also offers a diverse program of its own: There are regular concerts, film evenings, readings and public debates, as well as a joint vegan dinner once a week on a donation basis. In addition to the public events, workshops are offered such as in the areas of music, creative writing, etc., shorter and longer projects on specific topics, an “Infothek”, international exchanges and much more.

What is special

The youth center “CK13” is today an important and unique place in Novi Sad, offering a variety of cultural activities beyond the social mainstream. Young people have the opportunity to get involved in activities and try them out, discuss with each other and form an opinion. The “CK13” thus opposes the often dominant nationalism in the region with a place of lived democratic culture. The organizational form of the “CK13” is also something special: as an equal collective, the team makes all important decisions together.

Further information you can find on the website of the project.

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