With the project “Biram da se aktiviram” ( in English: “Don’t wait, get active!”), young people in and around the small Serbian town of Ćićevac are empowered with the support of informal education, mentoring, independently implemented projects and improved youth participation.

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    Ćićevac, Serbien
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Especially in the rural areas of the country, young people are not taken seriously in public discourses and are regarded as “children” who are denied the right to their own opinion and participation.

As a result, there are neither political objectives that would encourage the engagement of young people nor sufficient publicly funded spaces for young people to meet and exchange ideas. The city of Ćićevac is no exception and the rural migration of young people and the general population decline are not least due to the lack of support.


Informal knowledge is taught in workshops with committed young people from the area so that the participants become active and stand up for their own interests. They learn to plan, apply for and implement their own projects. They are accompanied by mentors from the organisation Okular.

What is special

As part of the project, Okular itself will also enable greater participation of young people and thus permanently reposition itself as an organisation to give young people the chance to participate in decision-making processes.

Further information you can find on the website of the project.