Regardless of their origin, children should have the opportunity to feel safe and secure in the two community centers of “Collateral Repair Project” in Amman, the capital of Jordan. The centers offer a variety of leisure and educational activities. The main aim of the training and workshops is to teach young people leadership skills and thus give them the opportunity to actively shape life in their communities.


  • Ort, Land:
    Amman, Jordanien
  • Partnerorganisation:
    Collateral Repair Project
  • Laufzeit:
    01.10.2018 - 31.12.2020


The project promotes the participation of refugees in Jordanian society. This results in the challenge of creating a basis for peaceful coexistence. The center offers a variety of leisure and educational activities and homework supervision. Fugitive and Jordanian children and young people come into contact.


Children and young people should be given the opportunity to actively shape their lives. They can take part in a team leader program where they learn to conduct workshops with their peers. The skills they learn can be used in planning smaller events in their respective communities. In addition, many girls and boys receive financial support to help them return to school.

What is special

Children and young people are given easier access to school so that they can receive education and thus increase their chances of finding a job in the future. This is intended to reduce poverty and improve their place in society in the long term.

By promoting independence and combating social exclusion and discrimination, families are helped in the long term and their living situation is improved.

Further information you can find on the website of the project.

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