Schüler Helfen Leben is a founding member of the European network Solidarity Action Day Movement in Europe (SAME). The SAME network spreads the idea of the Solidarity Action Day across Europe and supports new Solidarity Action Day initiatives. SAME also operates as a network for mutual learning. Together, experiences and ideas are exchanged to improve the work of the individual member organisations, as for instance at the annual SAME Summer Academy.

SAME now counts nine youth organisations that organise an annual Solidarity Action Day. Across Europe, more than 300,000 students swap their school desk for a job on Solidarity Action Day and donate their earnings to youth and education projects all over the world.

As the local hub of the European network, Schüler Helfen Leben started an office in Lübeck in 2018, where three full-time employees and two European volunteers operate. Against the backdrop of increasing Euroscepticism and rising radical right populism, they are also establishing an international meeting and exchange programme. Young people from different regions of Europe experience that common values and united commitment are more valuable than separation and hatred. The work on site is supported by the Possehl Foundation.

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