The Council is the supervisory and management body of Schüler Helfen Leben. It is elected by the members. Its core function is the strategic development of the organisation, guiding and advising the management and reviewing the work and results of the employees.


The council consists of up to 20 voluntary members who work in four committees: the Main committee and three further committees dealing with topics of project partnership, support of engagement and  educational work and Solidarity Action Day. The Council has a student quota (20%) and a gender quota. The Council is chaired by a three-member Executive Committee.

For questions and concerns feel free to contact or Chairwoman Pauline Uhrmeister (Send E-Mail) and Hannes Mattenschlager (Send E-Mail).

You can take part as well. Become a member and decide together with us what happens in our organization!

  • Pauline Uhrmeister

    Vorsitzende, Präsidium, Ausschuss Sozialer Tag, Ausschuss Int. Projektpartnerschaften

    Pauline Uhrmeister
  • Hannes Mattenschlager

    Vorsitzender, Präsidium, Hauptausschuss, Ausschuss Sozialer Tag, Ausschuss Bildung & Engagement

    Hannes Mattenschlager
  • Charlotte Steiner

    Ausschuss Bildung & Engagement

    Charlotte Steiner
  • Jule Kuhn

    Ausschuss Bildung & Engagement

    Jule Kuhn
  • Sjelle Hiebner

    Ausschuss Bildung & Engagement

    Sjelle Hiebner
  • Melina Borboudaki

    Ausschuss Int. Projektpartnerschaften

    Melina Borboudaki